About us

PillowTalk Media, published by Abode Communications Ltd., is an industry platform for carefully curated insight, opinion, analysis (and conversations) on all aspects of hospitality technology, property technology and enterprise property management for the short-term rental industry.

Our mission is to be the home for high-quality knowledge and inspiration for senior leadership, venture capital, real estate investors and decision-makers to contribute, share and digest high-quality content for and about the companies, technologies and people powering the next wave of disruption in our industry. 

We aim to be a valuable resource for the global short-term rental industry in order to challenge, learn and drive forward discourse. 

We’re a subsidiary of Abode Communications Ltd., and sister company to Abode PR and therefore will include articles from our clients, in addition to other content we find interesting and that adds value to the conversation and contributes to the industry. 

The team:

Jessica Gillingham, Founder and Publisher

Helen Wedgewood, Editor

Joanna Palmer, Partnerships & Content

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