In this White Paper, created by AJL Consulting in partnership with Operto Guest Technologies, we look at the impact of technology adoption on optimizing operational efficiency and profitability for short-term rental property management companies.

If, over the last few years, there has been a ‘gold rush’ in vacation rentals, the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely put a halt to it.

The impact of the global lockdown, the change in demand and the new reality of travel, logically raises a lot of questions for short-term rental property management companies (PMCs) everywhere in the world.

Needless to say the call for optimization could not be stronger than now.

The tech offering in our industry is well on its way to being able to provide the tools for optimization, but PMCs also need to be smart in their analysis, going beyond the marketing pitch and understanding how enabling their business with tech solutions, can not only reduce their workload, but will also have a positive effect on their bottom line and will increase the level of trust that they are able to build with their guests.

In this White Paper we look at:

  • Understanding the impact of technology on operations
  • Improving staff to unit ratios
  • Important strategic considerations
  • Making better inventory choices
  • Planning your cleaning teams
  • Increasing maintenance efficiency
  • The benefits of standardization
  • Keyless entry: automating check-in and check out
  • Smart locks and smart codes
  • Using software to streamline guest communication
  • Using communication to remarket to guests
  • Entertainment packages

To watch a fireside chat with Simon Lehmann from AJL Consulting and Michael Driedger from Operto click here.

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