We’re pleased to bring you the second free online conference for the professional short-term rental industry, put together by the team at AJL Consulting in partnership with PillowTalk Media. We have 24 speakers from different parts of the short-term rental ecosystem delving into 8 meaty topics impacting the short-term rental industry. Enjoy!

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Topics covered during the conference include:

Profitability Hub 2 20 SPEAKERS

Your hosts:

  • Simon Lehmann, founder and CEO, AJL Consulting
  • Nicolas Galantini, Senior Account Manager, AJL Consulting
  • Jessica Gillingham, Director, Abode PR

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Gall, Founder and CEO, Breezeway
  • Michael Driedger, Co-founder and CEO, Operto
  • Alex Nigg, Founder and CEO, Properly
  • Humphrey Bowles, Co-founder and CEO, Guardhog
  • Emily Bruce-Watt, Founder and CEO, Air Peace of Mind
  • Moriya Rockman, Founder and CMO, Smiling House
  • Oliver Corkhill, CEO, Leo Trippi
  • Jonathan Lancaster, Senior Vice President, Natural Retreats
  • Sebastien Grosjean, Founder and CEO, BookingSync
  • Vered Raviv-Schwarz, COO, Guesty
  • Alex Aydin, CEO, BookingPal
  • Pranav Maheshwari, Founder and Head of Technology, Vista Rooms
  • Greg Holcomb, Government Relations Director, VRMA
  • Henrik Kjellberg, CEO, Awaze
  • Tom Caton, Chief Revenue Officer, AirDNA
  • Enrique Alcantara, President, Apartur
  • Merilee Karr, Chair, STAA and CEO, UnderTheDoormat
  • Carlos Villaro Lassen, Secretary General, EHHA
  • David Krauss, Founder, Rent Responsibly
  • Michael Friedman, Director of Sales & Expansion, Skyrun
  • Robin Coenen, Marketing & Sales, Club Villamar
  • Nino Dubretic, Founder and CEO, Direct Booker
  • Quirin Schwaighofer, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Made Comfy

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