‘Who are the influencers for the vacation rental industry?’ It’s a thought-provoking question and there are some obvious answers, as you might expect.

The vacation rental industry has some very smart people who are not afraid of voicing solid opinions and sharing their insight with us. These individuals often digest vital and complex subjects and share their knowledge in easily understandable and relatable terms – for the benefit of the rest of us.

The whole topic of influencers and the rise of the individual influencer is a really fascinating one, and one that has impacted all sectors of business and commerce. Does the industry (like many other niche verticals) solely think of influencers as being peer to peer and if so, if influence is really contained to a relatively small collective of businesses and individuals – is this really about influence? Does this sort of influence actually have any traction, leeway or say ‘out there’ in the bigger world? Do they influence buyer behaviour or otherwise impact change? If influence is contained – how effective is it really?

What about the larger landscape? Who or what is truly an influencer for the vacation rental industry with a voice and an opinion that is listened to by stakeholders outside of the niche vertical?

What about customers? Who are their key influencers? Where do they get their information about where to book and how, or what to purchase or change?

And government – who are ‘they’ listening to? Where and how are they keeping abreast of all the issues and nuances that impact policy decisions?

And within the global travel industry (which just in case you need reminding is huge…), from whom and from where are potential strategic partners finding out about what’s happening in the vacation rental industry, and why they may want to take note.

Although I agree that individuals are most definitely influential, especially when they are true thought leaders, but for me there are three significant influencers that I would add for the vacation rental industry.

Influencers that by definition have the capacity to impact change in both thought and behaviour. Real influence is also about being a collective of voices.

So for me, the true influencers are the customer and the media.

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