Since the beginning of COVID-19’s spread, we’ve all looked at actionable solutions to mitigate the impact of this sudden and global pause in demand for short-term rentals. What we quickly saw was that our industry basically had a 2 week run rate before shutting down. Many property management businesses were clearly not sustainable. 

We believe that short term rental businesses must rebuild their approach and start focusing heavily on profitability and sustainability in order to be prepared for a potential future drop in demand and more broadly to the face the long term consequences of COVID-19 on the economy.

With this White Paper, ‘The road to recovery and profitability’, our aim is to support property managers to reflect on their business and to provide some guidance towards building a profitable future business in vacation rentals.

AJL Consulting_profitability_white_paper

In the next few weeks, we are also going to schedule an online conference called “Short term rentals: AJL Profitability Hub”, where we will address some of the areas our industry should focus on in order to build the right approach for a sustainable and profitable business moving forwards. 

COVID-19 has shuffled the deck for everyone and we aim to provide guidance to whoever wants to safeguard their business and strengthen their leadership in the years to come.

To download a free copy of the report, sign up below. 

0 thoughts on “AJL Consulting White Paper: The road to recovery and profitability

  • The industry needs to understand what true growth looks like – This is not large amounts of inventory and high numbers of talent
    It’s all about profitability running your business at a profit
    I am going to save this white paper for my Sunday morning industry read

    • Posted in Linkedin too:
      Well written, love the examples and although many are aware of it, they seldom see it in print. It's a wake up call when presented. I can only see that many will identify mergers/sale as an opportunity, accelerated by COVID-19. Others will look at those margins calls and cost ledgers closely and plan more mid term, redirect any investments and be more open to collaboration and add balance sheet buffers.

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