With Tom Caton, Chief Revenue Officer of AirDNA in coversation with Nicolas Galantini, Senior Account Manager, AJL Consulting.

As traveller behaviours are being disrupted by the pandemic, we are all stepping into an uncharted territory where past trends are no longer accurate and where uncertainty is at its peak.

In this conversation with AirDNA’s Tom Caton, we delve into some of the current trends the market data is showing, and we try to do some sifting between some of the assumptions we have heard a lot about in the past months to understand what is an actual shift in our industry and what has been hyped during the pandemic.

We also dive into the necessity of understanding your market with data in order to not miss out on the recovery stages.

Speaker Bio

Tom Caton, Chief Revenue Officer, AirDNA

Tom brings a global perspective to growing AirDNA, and has focused on partnering with VRMs, DMOs, and academics who are analyzing the disruptive market impact of alternative accommodations or scaling their portfolios into emerging markets. He runs the sales, customer success and finance functions.

Prior to AirDNA, Tom worked in finance, strategy, and business development at a series of multinational corporations including KPMG, Samsung, and AT Kearney. With an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, he strains every sinew to keep AirDNA’s meteoric growth going.

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