With Henrik Kjellberg, Group CEO of Awaze in conversation with Simon Lehmann, co-founder of AJL Consulting

The biggest vacation rental brands have enjoyed a lot of exposure in our space lately. Most discussions have been about the amazing achievements in terms of scale, valuation or fundraising.

Now that the tide has turned, we can all learn even more from these businesses and get inspired by the way they have been quick and efficient to react following the Covid-19 pandemic in order to safeguard their businesses, employees and clients whilst also preparing for recovery.

Who better than Henrik Kjellberg, CEO of Awaze to discuss leadership during a crisis?

Regardless of the size of your operations you will find invaluable insights about crisis management and leadership in this interview.

Speaker Bio

Henrik Kjellberg, Group CEO of Awaze

Henrik leads Awaze, supported by individual brand directors and the company’s corporate team. Prior to joining Awaze he was part of the global leadership team at Expedia Inc, where he worked in a variety of roles in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Experienced in growing global businesses and teams, Henrik has a passion for travel and enjoys the great outdoors. He is originally from Sweden and has an M.Sc. in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

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