With Emily Bruce-Watt, CEO of Air Peace of Mind, Jonathan Lancaster, Sr. VP of Natural Retreats, Pranav Maheshwari, Founder and Head of Technology of Vista Rooms, Moriya Rockman, CMO of Smiling House and Oliver Corkhill, CEO of Leo Trippi. Moderated by Jessica Gillingham, Director of Abode PR and founder of PillowTalk Media.

Session description

How are the luxury operators futureproofing their businesses?

What are the trends that have been accelerated by COVID-19 and how can luxury operators prepare to a world with a less personal touch when they have been providing bespoke services to their guest and owners since the inception of their businesses?

In this panel conversation, we discuss the adoption of new technologies that help to keep meeting the highest standards both in terms of safety and service provided, new distribution opportunities for the most luxurious inventory in the world.

Speaker Bio’s

Emily Bruce-Watt, founder and CEO of Air Peace of Mind

Emily is a qualified lawyer and mediator. She has a degree in Social Anthropology which she studied because of her interest in people and their cultures. She is a keen traveller, has visited over 40 countries and has a particular love of Africa.

Emily saw a gap in the market in 2016 to offer a high standard of service managing properties at a reasonable rate. The company grew from 3 initial properties working from a kitchen table to 90 properties in the first year. The continual growth is purely organic with no outside funding and the company now manages 200 high-end homes in Central London as well as a select number of homes abroad.

Oliver Corkhill, CEO of Leo Trippi

Oliver is the CEO of Leo Trippi, a Swiss based luxury chalet specialist with offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Russia. Oliver co-founded Alpine Guru and Villa Guru in 2011 which was acquired by Leo Trippi in 2016.

Moriya Rockman, co-founder and CMO of Smiling House

Moriya Rockman, founder and CMO of Smiling House Luxury Switzerland, managing over 2.500 properties in 65 destinations in 24 countries. 4 years ago, together with her husband Ira, she founded Smiling House and Smiling Flats Holiday Rentals. Both companies are busy with creating a bridge between Legacy Travel Players and holiday rental professionals, especially in the luxury and premium segment.

Moriya is a keynote speaker for the vacation rental industry and the winner of the SHORTYZ 2020 Pioneer Award. Moriya is also a specialist and a lecturer of the sharing economy and an active Partner of Weconomize, a group of professionals leading transforming processes in big organisations using the sharing economy.

Pranav Maheshwari, founder and Head of Technology for Vista Rooms

Pranav loves all things tech and his passion and profession come together in his position as the Head of Technology at Vista Rooms. Vista Rooms operates a network of 500+ deluxe properties spread across more than 30 cities in India and Sri Lanka. 

He is a complicated mix of a VJTI – IT grad and an XLRI double Masters in Finance and Marketing. In the rare few hours a week that Pranav is not challenging himself to even further improve the technology at Vista Rooms, he watches Bollywood movies.

Jonathan Lancaster, Senior Vice President of Natural Retreats

Jonathan is an experienced travel and hospitality professional, skilled in operations, team management, and business integrations. His fields of interest include vacation rental management, curated travel, specialty fly fishing, and business development.

Natural Retreats is a luxury vacation rental management company operating in some of America’s most beautiful and iconic destinations.

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