With Vered Raviv Schwarz, COO of Guesty, Alex Aydin, CEO of BookingPal and Sebastien Grosjean, CEO of BookingSync. Moderated by Nicolas Galantini, AJL Consulting

There are plenty of technologies available for property managers, but very few of these solutions can work if they stand alone in the ecosystem.

From the PMS to channel managers, it’s all about connectivity and how we can make sure that all these different pieces work together and actually streamline the work for their end users; The Property Managers.

In this panel discussion we dive into the current state of connectivity and what could be the milestones technology providers have to reach in order to further support the professionalization of our industry.

Speaker Bio’s

Vered Raviv Schwarz, COO of Guesty

Vered Raviv Schwarz is COO of property management platform Guesty, where she brings nearly 20 years of experience in global operations to overseeing teams including Customer Experience, Finance, Legal, HR, Customer Success and Data & Analytics.

Prior to Guesty, Vered was COO of Fiverr where she grew the company from 40 employees to over 400 in her six year tenure. Before Fiverr, Vered held senior executive positions in private and public global tech companies including Kenshoo, MediaMind (now Sizmek) and Radware.

Alex Aydin, CEO of BookingPal

Alex Aydin is a serial entrepreneur and senior technology executive with over twenty years of experience in the software sector. A dynamic leader and resourceful thinker, Alex has developed an expertise in successfully managing the operations throughout each phase of a company’s life cycle, developing innovative and profitable software companies.

Sebastien Grosjean, CEO of BookingSync

Sebastien Grosjean is an entrepreneur and visionary and for over 15 years, he has mainly been a digital nomad.

He founded BookingSync, which has disrupted the vacation rental management space with the introduction of channel management, an app centre, advanced yield management, a platform generator and more. Sebastien also manages a fully remote team spread over 17 countries. His strong expertise in travel, automation, and connecting systems has made BookingSync and now Smily into a reference platform due to its ease of use, APIs and integrations.

Sebastien is also known for his collaborations with the largest players in the vacation rental industry, often as part of their advisory boards, including Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, Expedia, and TripAdvisor. He helps them to push their integrations to the next level and defends the interests of owners and managers.

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