With Nicolas Galantini, AJL Consulting and Maud Lavolée – Product Manager at BookingSync and Smily

It is clear to us all that all travel and hospitality verticals have been strongly impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis. Everyone is trying their best to save their business and prepare for recovery. The short-term rental industry is expected to be one of the fastest recovering travel verticals, however, we all know that the landscape will have changed tremendously by the time bookings start to return. Watch below for one of our guest speakers, as part of the AJL Profitability Hub online conference, discuss emerging trends for the professional short-term rental industry.

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Session description: 

The vast majority of short-term rental property managers are using technology to support their business and be more efficient in their daily operations.

In this session we will discuss discuss a deep dive into BookingSync and have a closer look at how to make the most of your PMS.

Speakers’ Bio

After 10 years as an IT engineer & consultant, Maud discovered the vacation rental industry when joining a tourism office team and then later opening her own vacation rental. 

She then spent 3 years as Head of Customer Success at BookingSync where she gathered more knowledge and learned more about what the industry needs. Today, Maud uses her experiences to contribute, as Head of Product at BookingSync, by building an innovative and easy-to-use back-office for vacation rental owners and professionals. 

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