With Simon Lehmann, AJL Consulting and Robin Coenen, Marketing, Sales and IT Development Manager for Club Villamar

It is clear to us all that all travel and hospitality verticals have been strongly impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis. Everyone is trying their best to save their business and prepare for recovery. The short-term rental industry is expected to be one of the fastest recovering travel verticals, however, we all know that the landscape will have changed tremendously by the time bookings start to return. Watch below for one of our guest speakers, as part of the AJL Profitability Hub online conference, discuss emerging trends for the professional short-term rental industry.

For each session, you are welcome to post a question, via Sli.do and we will endeavour to answer as many questions as possible at the live wrap-up event.

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Session description:

Are direct bookings a way to build a more sustainable business? How can a strong direct channel shelter you from a crisis like the one we are currently living in? 

What exactly are the main benefits of having guests book directly through your website compared with 3rd party bookings?

Club Villamar is one of the largest property managers in Spain, managing more than 700 units on the Costa Brava for which they generate 90% of their bookings direct.

Speakers’ Bio:

Former member of the Royal Dutch Special Forces, Robin is a self-taught marketing guru as well as a savvy real estate investor. 

Robin is responsible for the marketing and sales, partnership relationship management and IT development for Club Villamar, one of the largest property managers in Spain. 

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