VRMA: Women’s Leadership Panel: Creating for Growth – Opportunities, Strategies, and Challenges of Building a Successful Property Management Business

PRESENTERS: Jessica Gillingham, Director, Abode PR; Vered Raviv Schwarz, COO, Guesty; Vanessa de Souza Lage, CMO, Rentals United; Noelia Novella, CEO, DoInn; Filipa Leitao de Aquiar, CEO, Rent4Rest; Susan Doull, Owner, Commendable Rentals and VRMA Board; Emily Bruce-Watt, CEO, Air Peace of Mind; Tammi Sims, Properly


This was a panel discussion, part of the Vacation Rental Management Association’s European Exchange Webcast series, with female founders of successful property management companies and tech leaders for the industry. The focus of the discussion was on how these leaders bring their unique skills and vision to build successful property management businesses in today’s dynamic and challenging industry. 

Read more on Women’s Leadership in the following article by Jessica Gillingham, “Women’s Leadership and Why it Matters.”

The session covered:

-Opportunities, strategies, and challenges of building a successful property management business

-Managing a team and leading with purpose

-Balancing ambition with responsibility

-Working with collaboration and insight

For more information about the Vacation Rental Management Association please visit here.

For more information about the European Exchange Webcast series please visit here.

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