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Pillow Talk#11 – India is having its moment, Hilton goes outside, mea culpa and YOLO

INSIGHT: While sidestepping the crowds at Qutab Minar, my guide Sanjay told me, “India has a population of just over 1.4 billion. If you can sell something worth 1 rupee (1 cent) just once to every person, then you will be a multi-millionaire.”

Pillow Talk#10 – Forever renters, Scranton, the lost 20 minutes and why buy Uplisting?

INSIGHT: Being non-American, I always thought Scranton was a made-up place. But apparently, it’s not just home to Steve Carell’s alter ego.

Pillow Talk#9 – Sobering leadership, buildings in the backyard, the importance of CX, and what’s in a name?

INSIGHT: The role of leadership is to look towards the horizon, to see what others may not yet be able to see and help guide a team, company, country — or even whole industry — over the terrain successfully.